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May. 17th, 2010

I haz a shoe!
Ok, so... I went silent for a couple of weeks. I know, that must be kind of astonishing after the literary diarrhea I've been having recently, but several things happened, one of which I can't talk about just yet.

First, I started doing the census. That was about three weeks ago, and I've been kept pretty busy about it. 90% of people are really nice, and I've really enjoyed talking to people, which is sort of astonishing all on its own if you know me at all. I'm going to go volunteer at a local senior center when this is over for a couple of hours a week, I've enjoyed it so much. The other 10% can go screw themselves, because they don't realize I'm just some girl and abusing me is pointless. :)

Second...the job situation is sort of taken care of. This is what I can't talk about just yet, but it may be a major change in my life and we'll have to see where it goes. I should be able to fill ya'll in in a couple of weeks -- hopefully by July 1.

Anyway, still busy. Catch ya'll on the flip side. :)

Apr. 1st, 2010

Feeling particularly low today. Got a phone call first thing this morning informing me that I didn't get the volunteer coordinator position.

Apparently, I suck so much I can't even get an unpaid job.

So whatever.

I gotta figure out how to get my head back on track. I only got out of bed after that because Dan was doing all the work and I can't let him get stuck with all the chores. Bleh. Don't even know where to start at the moment.

Apr. 1st, 2010


It's not been an entirely uneventful couple of days, but it has been a lazy couple of days where I haven't accomplished an awful lot. The lethargy of unemployment has most definitely set in, and I sleep in most days, read for a while, get up and do a chore or two, and then watch some TV. I throw resumes at whatever jobs pop up that sound like I might qualify, and then I go on about my day.

I went for the No Worker Left Behind intake meeting yesterday. It was mostly a waste of time -- it could have been accomplished in a much more sane way, but they needed to do placement testing on anyone who hadn't gotten a college degree, which was everybody but me. I ran out and got some gas and some lube for my bike instead. Afterwards, Dan and I went over to the high school and took the spring sports photos for the newspaper, and I was reminded once again of why I hated high school. In a way, I kind of regret not being more involved....but in another way, I'm perfectly happy that I distanced myself from it as much as possible and attempted to find some balance in my life away from it.

Last night, though, Dan developed an earache that necessitated me running into town at midnight to get him some meds. Sleeeepiness. It's kind of eerie to walk through a department store at midnight, because there's just nobody there. Either way, he managed to make it through school today, and then I took him to the doctor. We really made out, too -- it only cost us fifty bucks. I was really expecting a more devastating bill.

The really big news is that I managed to get registered for classes. I e-mailed the admissions advisor I've been trying to contact for a month or so, and was surprised when she e-mailed me right back. My credits are good for however long, says she. I don't have do to any liberal arts at all. I may be able to complete or do most of a finance minor. I may even be able to get out of a couple of classes, including a business law class I took a very long time ago and an intro to stats class that I was really worried about -- if they didn't want to give me credit for my social science stats class that I took in grad school, I was worried that they'd make me take all the pre-reqs for stats. That included pre-calc, which, honestly, is sadistic, especially for someone as untalented at advanced math as I am. I did, however, enjoy stats, odd as that may be.

I did not manage to get ahold of Financial Aid. I called and left them a message, but their answering machine said that they'd be closed Thursday and Friday for Easter. Unsurprising, given that it's a Catholic university, but....note, today is WEDNESDAY. This leaves me as unimpressed with that department as I was the first time around. I may have to resort to the cookie bribery again, which usually got me decent results from them. Take 'em a plate of cookies, come back with a financial aid award which isn't absolutely profane. I am fully expecting to have to scrounge up some independent loans anyway, but I hate being jacked around by financial aid. It's the worst part of school, I swear.

I am kinda looking forward to going back to school... I'm just really..emotionally tired right now. Looking for a job has really taken it out of me. I realize a lot of my problems have been where I'm living, but I'm rather stuck at the moment -- I can't go elsewhere, and unemployment in this area is obscene. It's really the wrong place for what I've got, as it's a very blue collar area. It's been really disheartening to not get calls back for anything, not anything at all. And it just makes me sad.

So, back to school to get something I can use in a rural area. It'll hold the bills at bay for another couple of years, and let me take care of Dan and not completely drain my parents dry. And we'll see what comes of it, I guess. I wish I had a better solution to this gnawing depression, but here I stand, and at least I'm still throwing myself at the wall, even if it's not really denting it.

Anyway, I also dug my way through the first four of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs the last couple of days. They've really been like mind candy, and have passed far too fast; I've really enjoyed them. I'm not traditionally a fan of urban fantasy, especially the "werewolves and vampires and faeries are out and known" sorta stuff, but these are really fun. The books went obscenely fast, but are probably going to appeal to anybody who's got a thing for Anita Blake. Mercy Thompson is like Anita Blake but more....real? Maybe? They aren't as far out as Anita Blake, anyway. And now that I've finished those four, I've moved onto a book named Soulless, same basic sort of premise but set in Victorian England and similarly a lot of fun. I'm realizing that I truly do like strong female leads now and again.

Tomorrow I've gotta do a major houseclean and hopefully get the seat put back on my bike. Maybe we can even go for a bike ride, since the temperatures are supposed to be in the mid seventies. Here's hoping I've got the energy.

Anyhoo, end babble. Later ya'll.


A job, a job, I haz a (temporary) job!

The census just called me back to work for eightish weeks at sixteen bucks an hour. HOORAY! I can pay for my half of Dan's tuition this year -- I'll just pay for the fall semester and let his parents worry about the winter. I AM SO HAPPY! The next time I'll have to come up with cash to cover him will be next summer. :) And he'll be able to get a part time job in the winter, so we'll be sitting even prettier, even if I go back to school. I am so relieved.

And here my bank account was nearing empty again. Money appears out of nowhere, yet again, and saves my butt.

Anyway, I'm going to go up and bake cookies, muffins, and dinner.

ETA: Well, six dozen cookies and some discussion later, we've discovered that him getting an off campus job is a little complicated. Oh well. The next thing I need to come up with is lawyer fees anyway, and not till next spring.

Apologies to my male friends, but...

There is one day a month that I would infinitely prefer death to standing upright, and today was that day. This is only a slight exaggeration, in that I have spent long hours discussing with my doctor what options I have to not experience awful cramping of the sort where I don't even feel good enough to go get the pain killers and a hot water bottle. On days like today, I tend to lay on the couch watching endless hours of HGTV.

Today, I was not so lucky. Not that I honestly have much to complain about -- I don't have anything to complain about at all, as it would have been a rather pleasant day if I didn't feel so green. Oh well. Mostly just went grocery shopping with Mom, as she prefers to have help carrying stuff if she can, and I can help grab stuff for Dan and vice versa if he goes with her instead of me. It's mostly just time to talk to her without odd arguments arising, and I appreciate that.

But today also started off on a shaky note. I'm in the midst of applying for state funding for going back to school through a program called No Worker Left Behind -- I *think* it's a state program in Michigan, and it gives you some money to put toward tuition. Altogether, it's a pretty nifty program, and I think it's great. However, the lady who deals with the paperwork called me this morning and wanted the last six months of my paystubs -- I had submitted a single one, because that's all I've been paid for in the last ..well, since July of last year. I don't qualify for unemployment. That is *all*I*have*. She then asked me about the last job I had listed on my resume -- but that job was subbing in for my dad, so there are no checkstubs for it since he got paid for it instead of me. So she ended up calling me about five times going back and forth with her boss about it. It was nutty, but at least she decided that I qualified for the program and I'm set up for intake for next Tuesday.

I'm kind of nervous about going back to school. There's no state school within an hour and a half of us, so I can't go someplace with reasonable tuition.. but I've contacted the place I graduated from, and it's possible that I can get a second BA in two years instead of an AA in two years from the community college. It'd cost (a lot) more, but be a lot more logical/useful than getting a community college AA. I'm just kind of worried about finding the money in terms of financial aid. But at least it'd put my loans back in forbearance and maybe get me a little extra cash to deal with Dan's tuition.

Didn't hear back from the lady at the bank, but we'll see what happens on that front.

I'm really tired of being so stressed out and scared all the time. I really wish I could find a little bit of stability.

Mar. 25th, 2010

It's raining today, so the icon is particularly appropriate. Or rather, it's mostly been grey and morbid most of the day, with occasional moments of emo downpour.

Either way, my life may be looking up a bit. Or maybe not -- I'm at the point where it's silly to get my hopes up.

Dan and I went to Jackson to go look at a couple of bikes we saw for sale on Craigslist. They're not in great shape, but they aren't all that bad, either; definitely better than what we've got, which is an elderly (as in 40+ years old) women's bike and a $70 bike I got from Walmart fifteen years ago that probably weighs 60 pounds.

These were $35 each, so we were in pretty good shape afterwards. They need some work -- I took a test ride out on the pink bike, got to the top of a hill, tried to brake......and nothing. Yikes! So it may need some new brakes, and/or the brakes need to be tightened up. Additionally, the shifters are really tough to shift.... but the bikes have been stored in this couples' shed for a while, so it probably just needs a good dousing with WD40 and some use.

We stopped by Grandma's house on the way back (well, it wasn't on the way, but Grandma had been a little weird on the phone with mom yesterday so we were requested to stop in on her. She's fine.) My great-aunt and uncle were there, and y'no? Why is everybody so horrified that Dan and I are planning on getting married eventually and getting his green card? If it's just us getting married, everybody's cool, but as soon as we mention a green card they're like,"Are you sure? Do you really want to get married?" Agh.

Final stop, we stopped in at the bank to see about a check that went missing out of one of Dan's deposits and ended up horsing around a bit. The bank manager also offered to submit my resume to the regional recruiter, too, which honestly is great -- I would love to work there, and this bank truly did save me when I was in China and First Federal had screwed me around so much.

Anyway, so, we have a couple of new bikes to get up to working order in the next few days, and I need to submit my resume to the bank manager so she can pass it onto the recruiter tonight. And I have a fuzzy cat on my lap. All is well. :)

Mar. 24th, 2010

There's a weird part of me that really does miss posting in this thing. I read it every day, pay close attention to other peoples' posts, and really find it an escape, but I haven't really posted much in ages. Just because I'm posting now does not imply that I will post again anytime soon, either. No promises.

I'm back in the United States. I have been back in the United States since December, and have brought my boyfriend with me. We had a huge debacle in China wherein the school called him and informed him (in his third year of study) that he had zero credits, and we were on a plane within two weeks. We sorted out his visa, wrapping up the apartment, getting rid of our stuff, etc, in record time.

After that, we were in England for five weeks. It had to be five weeks, too, which was slightly frustrating, because we were staying with his parents on short notice. Two weeks in, we had his student visa, and then we were just waiting for his entry date which was Dec 13. Once we left, we had him set up rather quickly at JCC, and he's taking classes there.

It was really fortuitous that I came back when I did, too. Dad went into the hospital the day before our flight, and he's the only one that knows how to put together the newspaper. It's just a local newspaper, but if it misses a week, it may just go under. I went in, jetlagged, and sat in front of the computer for 12 hours straight for two days to get that paper sorted out, and kept on putting it out for another three weeks. Lucky, there.

I really thought I'd find it somewhat easy to find a job, any job, since I have great qualifications. Apparently, my qualifications are either spotty or too good -- not that I've had any feedback in either case -- as I haven't gotten any phone calls. I had one interview for a part time bank teller position, and got turned down. I've been unemployed since December. It doth suck mightily. I interviewed yesterday for a volunteer coordinator position at a local botanical garden, but unfortunately, the person who coordinates volunteers at that location is also a volunteer, so while the position is absolutely perfect for me, there's absolutely no salary. At least I'd get to take the classes for free, which thrills me. I'm really hoping I hear back on it, because at least it'd be nice to put on my resume and have a good local reference. I'm also planning on going back to school in the fall, so at least I'll be pretty busy. The third thing I've got in the works is an extreme part time position placing international students with local families, and I would be working on commission. It sounds like it'd be basically impossible to make a decent living at it, but I may as well work hard enough at it to get some money in the bank.

I'm also in a weird position for unemployment. As in, I don't qualify. Which, by the way, sucks. I have had zero income for almost a year now, which means that I'm really tottering on the edge. We're just barely making it, as money just kind of appears occasionally when I'm really, really needing it.

All of these fortuitous things happening in my life are leading me to a weird spot, anyway; I'm highly nonreligious, but everything just seems to fall into place just as I need it to. I've been screaming at God for long enough to give me a sign that this makes me wonder if it's a long series of signs just screaming back at me to take notice, but my cynicism is difficult to get over. I'm sort of turning back to Buddhism...but really wish I could study under someone, y'no? But the closest Sangha is in Ann Arbor, and I can't afford to drive there right now. I think I'm going to restrict myself to audiobooks and long walks and see where it gets me.

Anyway, that's a pretty big mind-dump. We'll see if I manage to keep a way, I think I really need to, because otherwise I end up with all of this stuff rattling around my skull. Sorry for spamming anybody's friends page, hope ya'll don't mind.


Writer's Block: TV on the PC

How often do you watch TV shows or movies on your computer? What determines whether you watch on your TV versus your computer?

Might as well answer this. Nobody cares, just skip past.

What determines whether or not I watch something on the TV or the computer is whether or not the Xbox can play the format. The Xbox is hooked up to the home wireless network, so we can access whatever we want on the computer on the TV. However, there are formats it cannot play, and those formats I tend to watch on the computer. I definitely do not prefer it.

I also miss the big screen TV. I was spoiled by 32 inches.

That is all.

Sep. 5th, 2009

Posting from my iPod again. My computer blew up again this morning - third time so far. Luckily it's still under warranty, but the girl at the repair place has seen us so often that she's learned our names. Sad and pathetic at the same time. Worst of all, I'd finally gotten my priest back up to 80. Last night right before we had to leave, in fact, so I haven't even had a chance to play it yet.

Anyway, should have it back by the middle of next week.